While the essential ingredients that make the STAY ON KEY programme so unique stay the same, the way it works with your organisation offers some flexibility.

We will work with you to identify a suitable time and location. This could be at your workplace or you may decide that another location may be more appropriate.

The programme begins with a presentation to your team. This will enable them to understand the concept of their personal symphony and how to identify the ‘instrument’ that best fits their personality.

This session will be professional and informative but we believe that people learn best – and open up – when they are having fun; so we also ensure that the presentation is informal and enjoyable.

The next stage is the completion of a questionnaire by each participant using the insights they have gained from the presentation. We’ll also be there to help with the questionnaire process.

The STAY ON KEY team will then fully analyse the completed questionnaires, identifying the elements that need attention.

Finally, there will be 1-2-1 feedback with the individual members of your team and their leadership.

This is a

bespoke programme

that is strictly tailored to the specific and sensitive requirements of each organisation.

Help is at hand.
Costings for this programme are available upon request.