The time to help them is now

Has the millennial generation been dealt a bad hand when it comes to their aspirations?

Born roughly in the decade after 1983 – and a member of the generation branded the most entitled and self-absorbed in human history.

I do believe they have.

The CBI, representing heavyweights of British industry, issued yet another exasperated harrumph on the fecklessness of young people entering the workplace; its latest study of business leaders reporting that a third of companies are dissatisfied with graduates’ attitude to work and ability to “self-manage”.

They are, without doubt, the largest lost generation we have had.  I feel strongly that the pace of technology has contributed to them being vulnerable.  With search engines like Google and Wikipedia, the millennials do not need to retain things, it’s now just ‘delete’ then ‘re-google’ facts when needed.  It’s no longer about keeping knowledge stored in your mind.

The dating search engines have also killed off a lot of human interaction and the art of the English spoken word may soon be lost for ever.

The world has become very toxic for them be it politics, global warming, terrorist attacks, shortage of homes, the ‘me too’ movement  it is no wonder the millennial generation are suffering from emotional ill health.

To compensate for their emotional ill health everything becomes toxic and indispensable, from friendships to personal aspirations are often lost on their quest to have the latest ‘must have’.

Companies must address this problem within the workplace in 2020.  With Brexit on the brink of being done we need the millennial generation to stand up and be counted.

For this unique set of problems you need a Company with a unique and bespoke programme to help and eliminate toxicity within the workplace.