STAY ON KEY Programme

STAY ON KEY is an innovative new approach to maximising individual and team performance while enhancing general wellbeing.

The programme was created by Kimberley Solari who developed the concept of Alphosono-Biometrics™ an assessment that identifies key areas of the personality of individuals and teams based on their unique natural symphony.


  • My assessment programme highlights an individual’s innate strengths and weaknesses.
  • My assessment programme highlights where within an individual depression and stress is triggered.
  • My assessment programme also highlights the innate personality of an individual and how that individual will communicate and work within a team environment.
  • My assessment programme will bring harmony and friendships within the workplace.
  • My assessment programme works on exactly the same principles of a well-orchestrated orchestra.
  • Mental health within the workplace and other major health issues are becoming far too frequent and they go undetected.
  • One of the key points with the STAY ON KEY assessment programme is that people can get the help they need sooner and companies can become more collaborative in the support that they give an individual.

We will work with you and your team to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in a fun and informal workshop.


Our team of experts will analyse the observations made at the workshop to identify the ‘off key’ elements within the team.


We will help you address the areas of your team that need re-tuning to ensure that individuals and the team are ‘on key’.

Stay On Key

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Should you wish to learn more about the STAY ON KEY Assessment Programme and how it can benefit you and your employees Kimberley is prepared to visit you in person or alternatively you can book a clarity call below or contact Kimberley directly on


The results of my assessment programme will help management and HR departments truly understand and appreciate an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and understand how important understanding an individual’s personality.

Once my programme has been implemented it will bring harmony and friendship and this will result in a reduction of absenteeism.