STAY ON KEY brings a fresh and exciting new approach to team building and personal development using our innate appreciation of music.

Our fun but insightful programme will help you boost the performance of your team – collectively and as individuals –
to enhance productivity, engagement and wellbeing.

Just like a world class orchestra, every individual, team, and organisation performs best when beautifully balanced and finely tuned.

When this is not the case it leads to stagnation, absenteeism, conflict, stress, and low productivity, resulting in disruption to your business and costs associated with illness, HR issues, and increased staff turnover.

Discover STAY ON KEY™

Is your workplace symphony on key?

You probably already know that the team feels unbalanced but can’t quite identify why that is. There may be a single source of discord or it may be the result of several issues. STAY ON KEY’S game-changing Alphasono Biometrics™ technique identifies ‘off key’ elements in your team by focusing on the personal ‘symphony’ of each individual and how that symphony relates to those of their colleagues.



We will work with you and your team to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in a fun and informal workshop.


Our team of experts will analyse the observations made at the workshop to identify the ‘off key’ elements within the team.


We will help you address the areas of your team that need re-tuning to ensure that individuals and the team are ‘on key’.

“Within an orchestra there is a range of instruments. Some are loud and bold like a trumpet; some are soft and pastoral like the oboe; others provide harmony like a piano,” explains STAY ON KEY founder Kimberley Solari. “If any part of the orchestra is off-key it affects the performance of the team. Too many or too few of each complementary instrument will also affect the outcome of the symphony,” she adds. Kimberley has developed the programme to be a fun activity for staff while providing the key insights you need to re-tune your team for maximum results. Along with her expert STAY ON KEY team, she will work with you, post-assessment, to provide solutions to strengthen your organisation’s symphony.